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musa 1
1 (mu,sa) (latin) meaning talent (natural or acquired);
a special gift, particularly in business and the arts;
a capacity for achievement or success.
It has been my observation that
most people get ahead during
the time that others waste

Henry Ford
Business Innovator
What we do
Nurturing and developing talent is what we do. We believe that law firms and organisations should invest in their best asset, their people, by providing proper training and development. If they want to grow their business, they need to grow their people.
What we offer...

CPD accredited training & development programmes
These have been designed specifically for all levels of lawyer, from student to senior partner and all stages in between, with one common objective – to improve performance and enhance potential

Bespoke, CPD accredited training & development programmes
In consultation with our clients, we design and deliver tailor made solutions to meet their particular needs.

Coaching is all about helping people to perform better. Our style is facilitative-far removed from telling you what to do, it involves working with you to explore ways in which you can become more effective. Coaching can take you to a different level.

Our experienced facilitators understand the issues that can arise when individuals work together in groups. We provide a bespoke and structured approach to your team and group meetings. Whether you are developing a vision or strategy for the business, improving working relationships, planning an important partners' meeting or investing in a special lawyer/client relationship, we can provide the perfect environment and structure to ensure your get the best out of your meeting.
At Musa we endeavour to ensure that individuals are prepared for and are able to fulfil their role at every stage of their professional career, to the very best of their ability, through a combination of coaching and specially designed training and development programmes accredited by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. We recognise that it is those things they don’t teach you at Law School that can derail good, or even brilliant, technical lawyers in business. The aspiration of becoming the “best that you are capable of being” should be a continuing endeavour that changes at every stage throughout your career. This is where we can help.

Our aim is simply to inspire and support people and to develop their talents so they are able to make the very best of themselves as they progress along their chosen path.

Our Clients typically fall into several groups, including:

 Law Firms and Legal Services Businesses
 Law Colleges and other law course providers
 Overseas Students
 In-house Lawyers and Teams
 Law Centres
 Private Colleges
Musa Coaching & Development: nurturing talent - building careers   |   Telephone 07771 848840 or 07801 107937   |   Email info@musa.org.uk
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