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musa 1
1 (mu,sa) (latin) meaning talent (natural or acquired);
a special gift, particularly in business and the arts;
a capacity for achievement or success.
It is not the strongest of the species that survive, not the most intelligent, but the most responsive to change

Charles Darwin
Originator of the Theory of Evolution
Our Philosophy
No one should fail for want of support in their career. We have a ‘cradle to grave’ approach to development which recognises that there is an imperative for individuals to adapt and change what they do and the way they do it as they travel along their professional pathway.
We recognise that this is a transformational process for people who will have to leave their comfort zones and learn new skills from time to time to suit ever changing situations. We appreciate just how difficult this can be and just how critical it is to find the right support at the right time.
We aim to inspire people, to support and develop their talents so they are well prepared and able to perform to the very best of their ability, whatever stage in their career they are at.
Musa Coaching & Development: nurturing talent - building careers   |   Telephone 07771 848840 or 07801 107937   |   Email info@musa.org.uk
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