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1 (mu,sa) (latin) meaning talent (natural or acquired);
a special gift, particularly in business and the arts;
a capacity for achievement or success.
Continuous effort,
not strength or intelligence,
is the key to unlocking potential

Winston Churchill
Prime Minister and Nobel Prize Winner
Development Programmes
Our fully CPD accredited development programmes are aimed at all levels from Student through to Senior Partner with one common objective - to enhance performance.
One day programme
With more students than training contracts, it’s even more crucial to make your application stand out and to impress at interview. This one-day programme comprises part presentation, part discussion and part interactive exercises designed to prepare students for making that all important application for a vacation placement or training contract.

The aim of the programme is to provide an insight into the application and interview process and create a clearer understanding of the legal environment, the different types of law firms and law firm cultures, how lawyers make money, where a trainee solicitor fits into the structure and what he or she can expect at the interview and after the offer.

This is an unmissable opportunity for students to explore the reality of their chosen path, to prepare themselves for what lies ahead and to maximize their potential in an ever increasing competitive environment.
Trainee Solicitors
One day programme
and / or one-to-one coaching
We understand how hard it can be for many lawyers to transition from trainee solicitor to qualified solicitor. We also know how frustrating it can be for other team members when newly qualified solicitors struggle to accept the responsibilities that come with qualification. We provide one-to-one coaching and one-day programmes to support lawyers through this transition and to give them the confidence to trust in their ability and become a valuable member of the team.
Trainee Solicitors
and Assistant Solicitors
One day programme
This programme is designed to provide a better understanding of key topics such as the strategy and vision of the business, how the business makes money, understanding the culture and managing client relationships. The programme aim is to provide a platform from which lawyers, at the start of their careers, can learn to become sound business people, something that is not taught in college but is an essential requirement for a successful career.
1-3 year
post-qualification Solicitors
One day programme
This is a one-day programme designed specifically with the needs of the newly qualified solicitor in mind. Its aim is to prepare and develop the newly qualified solicitor for a greater role within the organisation. It focuses on the key issues of how legal businesses make money, matter profitability and service management. It provides an introduction to the skills of supervision and human resource management, team dynamics and how to play a valuable part in an effective team.
New Partners  
One day programme
and / or one-to-one coaching
Partnership doesn’t come with an instruction book and can be quite daunting, especially when individuals are promoted and then left to fend for themselves. The pressure to achieve the partnership objectives such as profit, utilisation and many other targets is compounded when insufficient support or guidance is provided to help the partner to meet these objectives. This programme is for those lawyers making the transition to partner, or partners in the first years of appointment. It covers the change in role including those questions that lawyers never dared ask for fear of looking stupid and aims to lift the lid on the inner sanctum.

One to one coaching sessions are also recommended to address any individual adjustment issues or other concerns that might emerge.
Head of Department
/ Team Leader  
One day programme
and / or one-to-one coaching
This programme is designed for those partners making the transition to head of department or team leader. Managing teams of individuals can be very challenging and will often require the partners to step outside their comfort zones. This programme addresses some of those challenges and provides the partner with effective tools and techniques to build confidence in their day to day role. Topics include an insight into team dynamics using psychometric tools, leadership theory and practice, difficult conversations, organisational behaviour, talent management, recruitment, reward, retention of staff and motivation theory.
The First 90 Days in the Role  
One and two day programmes
and / or one-to-one coaching
The first 90 days in a new leadership role are critical. Having a well thought out strategy during this crucial period can be the difference between success and failure. This programme provides all new leaders (or soon to be leaders) with a road map of everything you need to know and do to hit the ground running on day one.
Team Working    
One day programme
Creating an effective, cohesive team can be the key to improving the overall performance of an organisation and can play an important part in the personal growth of the individual team members. Combining different skills, experience and performance styles and understanding how they all interrelate can be very powerful. This programme is aimed at creating, running and being part of a successful and dynamic team.
Business Coaching
and Development    
In excess of 40% of FTSE100 CEOs have used coaches and an even higher proportion advises their top team to use a coach. Richard Baker, ex-CEO of Boots and Non-Executive Chairman of Virgin Active says “It is extraordinary to think you can be excellent at something without a coach. One of the best things that happened to me was to get a coach”.

One to one coaching is recognised worldwide as valuable investment in any organisation. Coaching unlocks a person’s potential to enhance their performance. The coaching takes place in a safe, supportive and confidential environment where clients can discover and discuss the blockers that impede their better performance and work out their own solutions to removing these obstructions, with the help of the coach.

Coaching sessions follow the client’s own agenda on the day and for this reason, the essence of coaching is helping the client to learn from themselves rather than from the coach.
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